3 responses to “FEEDBACK

  1. Hmm. seems like they could fill in the West lake and keep the East lake. That way they could have a field and a lake. Why such extreme options? The planners should go back to the drawing board. The option 1 proposal is not even worth spending the money. All it does is break up the lake with no added benefit.

    • Hi Ken,
      The Water District already has a proposal (and it’s opposite) like the one you described. Those are known as feasible options #2 and #4. We at Save Almaden Lake oppose both those and the one filling in the lake leaving just a creek. (feasible option #5)

      The Master Plan for Almaden Lake Park specifies “a water oriented park”. There is already plenty of park land at Almaden Lake Park, and there are many local parks and schools with fields to play.

      Local homeowners moved to the area surrounding the lake because they like the lake. Of the Water District’s feasible options, Option #1 (two lakes divided by a creek) best echos what is there now and was developed (using the Almaden Lake Master Plan).

      You tell us, “All ( option #1) does is break up the lake with no added benefit.”

      What Option 1 does is allow the Water District to reach their goals for cleanup and redesign. To:
      1) reduce significantly the methylmercury, and
      2) provide safe travels for the protected steelhead salmon which go upstream to spawn and are now getting lost in the lake and eaten in their quest to go downstream.

      I invite you to look at the links on the right hand side of savealmadenlake.com to read and get all the background information, and information surrounding this project.

      Of course we at Save Almaden Lake would prefer keeping the whole lake intact, however the Water District says they have to do something, (or will be forced to do something by EPA). They gave a few options. We decided we wanted to work WITH them to come to a happy conclusion instead of fight their project all-together. Their feasible option one is the only one we could come to embrace and would like their other options #2, 4, and 5 removed from the list of feasible options.

  2. Why would I support this lake.
    I have complained about the non-native plants such as the yellow star thistle that has needle like spines. These easily go through flip flops, bare feet, and paws. When I brought it to the attention of the working ranger there, he was not at all interested.
    Also, the park does not allow pets in some parts of the park.
    Very small children (babies) are in the water and I know that e-coli has been found in this lake.
    I go to other parks to walk my dog, and the working rangers/employees there do weeding, pick up litter and do maintenance. I have never seen a working ranger/employee do anything like that.
    Until these things are taken care of, I do not support, ‘Save Lake Almaden’.

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